First steps in the journey to faith

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“There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, ‘All right, then, have it your way.’” —C.S. Lewis

 I’m going to put it right out there this week — this column is about faith. It is about the faith that we oftentimes ignore when things are going well, and it is about the faith that we desperately cling to when things are not going so well.

Every faith journey starts with a few steps. My son, Zachary, has recently begun his journey in a profound way: he gave his life to Jesus recently and he is following the Lord in obedience by being baptized on Christmas morning. I asked him to tell me why he decided to make that decision in his life and this 8-year-old child, with the wisdom many adults do not possess, said, “Dad, I knew I was lost without Jesus. I know that I need Him in my life.” I struggle with my own faith journey, and I am 41. This child just reminded me of what it means to trust in something other than myself, and also why it is important.

The truth is, this adulting business is hard and anyone who says differently is selling something. We all have bills to pay, relationships to juggle, scars from past hurts to live with, and many of us have kids to raise. I have discovered in my 40s that I no longer have any delusion that I can do any of that without God’s hand covering me.

God has never left me, but He has taken His hand off of me in certain circumstances. Like the quote above says, it was God telling me, “all right, then, have it your way.” And my way is never the right way, I can tell you that.

Trusting someone else is hard, especially if you are used to having that trust betrayed. Some of us have been through divorces, abusive relationships, tragedies and other life circumstances that make trust in anyone a very hard thing to give, let alone God himself.

I have tried life without God and it doesn’t work for me. The harder I tried, the harder life got and only when I was able to surrender to Him again was I able to feel pressure release from my soul.

The Bible is an all-inclusive instruction manual for living life the right way, and while it does not promise a life without pain, suffering,and heartache, it does promise that there is a Heavenly Father to wipe our tears, restore our souls, and give us a purpose that makes life worth living.

I choose, in the midst of pain, to surround myself with Godly people who push me to mature in my faith and my relationship with Him. I choose to read my Instruction Manual for guidance in this very hard thing called life. I choose to place my faith again in The One who can give me comfort, guide my steps, and restore me to a place of holiness and vision in the center of His will.

Right now I am choosing these things because of the faith and trust my 8-year-old son has placed in God. Thank you, Zachary, for reminding me of who I am and why God created me.

 Frank Vaughn, award-winning columnist and aspiring author, can be contacted at Follow/like Frank Vaughn on Facebook, @fnvaughn on twitter and fnvaughn on Instagram.


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